Continuing Professional Development

In March 2015, the provincial government announced an enhanced licensing system for BC’s residential builders.  All general contractors are required to take Continuing Professional Development as a condition of their renewal.

The VRCA is excited to announced that it now offers classroom and online courses that have been approved by BC Housing Licensing and Consumer Services (formerly Homeowners Protection Office) for points towards Continuing Professional Development upon successful completion.

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Stay tuned! The VRCA is in the process of securing Licensing and Consumer Services approval of several online courses.

Upcoming Continuing Professional Development Courses:

Classroom Courses

December 2017

Project Management (30 CPD Group A points) - December 4-5, 2017

Builders Lien Act (3 CPD Group B points) -  December 7, 2017 

Construction Law (30 CPD Group B points) - December 11-12, 2017

January 2018

Construction 101 (16 CPD Group A and 14 Group B points) -  January 11-12 , 2018

In from the Site: Office Computer Programs Simplified (4 CPD Group A and 10 Group B points) - January 15-16, 2018

Microsoft Excel for Construction (Novice) (7 CPD Group B points) - January 17, 2018

Microsoft Excel for Construction (Advanced) (7 CPD Group B points) - January 18, 2018

Introduction to Construction Blueprint Reading (7.5 CPD Group A points) -  January 18, 2018  

Supervisory and Management Skills (30 CPD Group A points) - January 26 - 26, 2018

February 2018

Construction Industry Ethics (6.5 CPD Group B points) February 7, 2018 

Change Order Management (7.5 Group A points)  February 19, 2018

Construction Estimating (30 CPD Group A points)  February 26-27, 2018


Online Courses

Construction Industry Ethics (8 CPD Group B points)

Construction Law (2 CPD Group A and 6 Group B points)

Communication, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution (6 CPD Group A and 2 Group B points)

Construction Project Management (6 CPD Group A and 2 Group B points)

Confined Spaces Safety Awareness (6 CPD Group A points)

Construction Safety Training System (CSTS-09) (12 CPD Group A points)

First Level Supervisor Training Program (FLST) (27 CPD Group A points)

Introduction to Building Information Modeling (BIM) (2 CPD Group A points)

Introduction to Construction Estimating (8 CPD Group A points)

National Construction Safety Awareness (12 CPD Group A points)

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